Proofreading & Editing

You want your text to be coordinated according to your needs and requirements in order to reach a successful outcome.

You need a professional who will put together a kit including glossaries and sources to create a better translation.

You are assured that two (or more if necessary) linguists will handle translation and proofreading based on their fields of expertise.

You get a final project that has gone through a quality assurance process and your translator puts together a translation memory for future discount on repeated words.

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You have a great product for the English speaking audience, which is culturally and linguistically different from others.

You take into account that Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, has over 410 million native speakers around the world and 34.8 million speakers in the U.S.

You get a trained, experienced and certified translator that is familiar with both cultures and has translated and localized texts for customers around the world.

You get a translated and localized message that was tested with native speakers, which recognizes local sensitivities, customs and habits. You have captured the eye of Hispanic customers and reached out to a whole new market.

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You have a document that has been translated into Spanish, yet it might not be accurate, and presenting a bad translation could hurt your reputation.

You get a professional linguist that has training in the latest updates of the Royal Spanish Academy and who is a native Spanish speaker, to make sure she will detect all mistakes.

You are confident your proofreader will edit all errors and will deliver a client-ready, audience-sensitive piece of writing that has gone through a detailed revision.

You can rest assured that you have a polished and accurate document and that your audience or client will understand and appreciate it, avoiding confusion, and misunderstanding.

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Spanish into English Translation

Performed by a native English

Certified Translator


Print-ready, high resolution

translated material

Book Scouting

Determining which books in your

industry are worth acquiring the rights to introduce into the Hispanic market

Copywriting & Transcreation

Language Assessment

Audio or written document


Creation of a selling text or adaption; both to the intended customer

Critical Reading

Fact checking for language 

content and consistency