B.A in English (Linguistics)

San Francisco State University, 


Specialized Certification in Translation - English/Spanish

UC San Diego Extension


Diploma in Spanish Proofreading

University of Barcelona


Test of English as a Foreign Language



International Baccalaureate Certifications in Spanish and English 



International General Certificate of Secondary Education in Spanish and English as a Second Language-University of Cambridge








 About the Translator: Born in Argentina. Made in San Francisco.

I'm a Certified English/Spanish Translator and Linguist with experience in Transcreation and Localization of marketing and media material and my goal as a translator is to help you expand your business and gain new customers. I'm a native Spanish speaker from Argentina who lived and studied in California for 6 years.  


                                                           A training in linguistics and translation, combined with a thorough understanding of the difference in customer perception in both cultures has given me the tools to build creative, persuasive and culturally adapted messages for the Hispanic audience. I have customers in Latin America as well as Canada and U.S.A that have seen their clientele grow because each project is proofread by a native speaker of the target country/audience.




Certificate of Appreciation - Translation

United Nations


Graduation with Honors: Cum Laude

San Francisco State University


Recognition of Academic Accomplishments as an International Student 

The Office of International Programs San Francisco State University


Latin American Civilization and Culture Certificate of Achievement 

Spanish Program  

San Francisco State University


Outstanding Participation in International Baccalaureate 



Certificate in Argentine Language

El Libro Foundation




CAT Tools


Translation Memory


Localization Software


Optical Character Recognition Software


Adobe Indesign














Translated a UN documentary about Latin American life that was published by the National Geographic.


Translated Diego Rivera’s personal letters to his family and friends.

Localized marketing material to promote environmentally conscious business strategies among companies all over the world.


Localized marketing text messages for a variety of consumer products.

Proofread and edited a book that helps people adopt a healthy lifestyle; intended for Hispanic people living in the US.


Proofread and edited an article that was later published in a journal at the U.S. National Institute of Health's National Library of Medicine.

B.A in English Linguistics

Specialized Certification in Translation






Ph: +549.223.5469.751 / maria@mlspanish.com / www.mlspanish.com

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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